Netgear R7000 is a brand-new router that has brought into the market by the Netgear. It consists of a dual-core processor, one of which can run on 2.4 GHz and the other can run on 5 GHz frequency bands. R7000 router also contains some of the excellent features, like built-in Open VPN server. Turbo QAM that gives the fastest speed cap, that for than 600 Mbps. It provides official support with Third-party service firmware, like DD-WRT. In the backup, it is ready with a back-up machine. R7000 router is a bulky router for which you need to have a lot of space. R7000 is very easy to setup same as R6300 router. It comes with a Wi-Fi name and password that is printed on the label of the router. with the router, you will get an Ethernet cable, three antennas, and an adapter to connect your router with the power source. Execute the underlying steps and you will be all set to login your Nighthawk smart Wi-Fi router.

  • Remove the upper caps of the antennas and try to fix it on the available space of the router. Each antenna will be given 1 to 3 numbers on it. Set these antennas as per the numbers given on it. The two side antennas should be placed at 45 degrees and the central antennas should be placed vertically to 90 degrees. 
  • Remove the batteries form the modem and let it in switch off mode after unplugging the router from the modem. 
    In the yellow port of your router plugin, the provided Ethernet chord and the other port of the chord must be connected to the internet port of the modem. 
  • Turn the modem by plugging the adapter into the modem, then to the electric board to supply the power inside the modem. 
    Now, with the modem, you have to power on the router also to make them sync together. 
  • After sync, you have to wait for the LEDs to flash solid white. If the LEDs are not flashing, then you have to press the power on or the WPS button on the router to switch on the router manually. 
  • On the ground touching panel of your R7000 router, you can find the printed username and the password for your router. 
    In a web browser (if you have by default inside your computer then launch the same, and if you do not have, then download any compatible browser, type the IP address or thewww.routerlogin.netas the customised web link to log into the interface of your router. 
  • on the prompt, you have to fill the login requirements, like the username and the password. 
    Although the login credential is ADMIN for both the fields (username and the password), your NETGEAR Genie will ask you to change and personalize your Wi-Fi system as it is necessary for the security purposes. 
  • NETGEAR genie will show you a web page, there you have to fill some security questions and proceed as per the instructions on your screen. 
  • After finishing the instructions, you will find that you have been logged into your router. 

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