Change Netgear Router Admin Password 

Whenever you want to install Netgear router wirelessly or make any changes in its settings, then you need to login to its web-based setup page and do the necessary function. Every Netgear router has a default username and password when it is brand new. If you know its model, then you can easily get this information online on the official website of Netgear. 


Since the information is easily available on your system, it is convenient for anyone to access the router settings and change it without your consent. This makes it necessary for users to change the router’s administrative password as soon a they are complete with installing the Netgear router. The professional technicians at Netgear router support recommends user to change this by following these steps:

  • Firstly, connect your router to your computer using an Ethernet cable. 
    Open the setup page by typing on your web browser 
  • Type “admin” and “password” in the admin and password box respectively. 
  • Go to Advanced tab and then to the Administration. Under it, click on Set Password. 
  • Type your old password, i.e. “password” for a new router. Then, mention your new password again to confirm the change. 
  • Click on Apply. Now, type your username and new password again. 
    Your password has been changed. Now, remember this. Also, keep it in mind that it is case sensitive. The next time you want to login, you will need username and the new password.